NetNeutrals EU is an approved ADR entity, operating in the UK and EU.  The information that follows is intended to provided consumers & traders with the means to electronically file a claim with the European Commission ODR Portal, should they so choose not to proceed using NetNeutrals EU.  This information is in compliance with the European Union (Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes) Regulations 2015.

The 'Your Europe' portal gives individuals and businesses practical information on their rights and opportunities in the EU.  It focuses on real-life, cross-border situations, e.g. European citizens wishing to work or study in another country in the EU, or European businesses wanting to move to or open a new branch in another country in the EU.

A complete list of all EU-approved ADR entities can be found HERE.

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NetNeutrals EU is an ADR entity under the European Union (Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes) Regulations 2015

NetNeutrals EU is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015

NetNeutrals EU was approved in July 2016 by the Civil Aviation Authority (the UK aviation regulator) to operate as an ADR body for aviation consumers.
NetNeutrals EU voluntarily withdrew from the CAA List of approved ADR providers in September 2017 with an intention of applying to re-enter the UK aviation disputes marketplace at a future date.